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​Reed Strategies is honored to give back to our community and support charities including education, respecting diversity, and good sportsmanship & leadership.

Global Strategy & Marketing Leader ​

Internal teams struggle to keep up with critically needed market research updates, strategy refinement, and marketing message validation. 


  • Corporate cost cutting results in layoffs of seasoned experts
  • Digital transformation is accelerating change
  • Internal teams juggle priorities and rush to meet deadlines


  • Reactive vs proactive research of market shifts
  • Limited analysis of threats & opportunities to strategic plans
  • No testing of market messages with customers or analysts


  • Increased business risk; not able to quickly adjust 
  • Market irrelevancy; not able to address market shifts 

Reed Strategies’ (RS) mission is to build on trusted relationships to form a long term community of clients and partners who collaborate on market research, strategy, and marketing.  The goal is to provide trusted insights to lead in our diverse and changing world.

I created Reed Strategies in response to what I have experienced first hand inside corporations. Internal teams are stretched thin and need additional help on market research, strategy development, marketing messages, and preparing executives for keynotes. Reed Strategies fills the gap between the reality of what internal teams can accomplish and leadership expectations.

My experiences in combination with established relationships have positioned me to be a trusted partner for market research, strategy, and marketing messaging.  I have had the opportunity to work across several companies and industries including IT Services with CSC, Communications with Avaya (formerly Lucent), Healthcare with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, Defense with Raytheon, and not-for-profits with Acton Boxborough United Way.

In addition to connecting with me directly, you can also find me as member of a few Freelancing Marketplaces including GLG, Catalant, and LinkedIn ProFinder.  I look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with you and your teams.
Thank you.
Marshall Reed



Reed Strategies 

Reed Strategies bridges the gap between the reality of what internal teams can accomplish and leadership expectations.


to reduce business risk from rapid market shifts


to capture new opportunities or minimize new threats


to differentiate and enhance your brand